The Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) 2024 has been set up by the Ministry of Education [erstwhile Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD)] to manage and regulate the joint seat allocation for admissions to 121 institutes for the academic year 2024-25. This includes 23 IITs, 31 NITs, IIEST Shibpur, 26 IIITs and 40 Other-Government Funded Technical Institutes (Other-GFTIs). Admission to all the academic programs offered by these Institutes will be made through a single platform.

    imageRightfinger1 All candidates who were provisionally allotted a seat in NIT+ system (seat allotted in any round of JoSAA-2024 and not been cancelled or withdrawn) and paid the Seat Acceptance Fee (SAF), MUST PAY the Partial Admission Fee (PAF) in online mode during 24 – 26 July, 2024.
    Non-payment of the PAF will lead to the cancellation of the allotted seat.

    Important Message

    imageRightfinger1It is mandatory to pay the seat acceptance fee for those candidates, who got the seat in JoSAA 2024 Round 5. Failure to pay the seat acceptance fee by the deadline will lead to cancellation of the provisionally allotted seat and the candidate will not be considered for the seat allocation in the subsequent rounds.

    imageRightfinger1It is MANDATORY for ALL the candidates, who have been allotted a seat in Round 5, to UPLOAD their DOCUMENTS for verification.
    The allotted seat will be cancelled if the candidate DOES NOT UPLOAD required documents within the deadline even if they have paid the ‘Seat Acceptance Fee’ using the prepayment provision.
    Candidates who got seats allotted in Round 5 but who fail to upload the documents before the deadline will not be considered for seat allotment in the subsequent rounds of JoSAA.