Seat Matrix will be available soon

(Last Update :05/06/2018)

Seat Matrix will be available soon..

Important information

The revised schedule of JoSAA 2018 is being released on account of the following reasons:-
  1. the third round of seat allotment and related activities being kept in abeyance due to proceedings in the Hon’ble High Court of Madras,
  2. requests from numerous parents and candidates across IITs who have already finalized their travel bookings as per the displayed start of sessions in different IITs,
  3. academic sessions of IITs are to start on time as scheduled earlier,
  4. ensuring that all candidates are able to get a fair chance of full participation in, and completion of, the initially declared seven rounds of seat allotment, with the sixth round being the final round in which withdrawal is permissible,
  5. ensuring that the total number of hours of activities involving “Document Verification and Acceptance/Withdrawal of Seat by reporting at Reporting Centres” remain the same as originally scheduled for all candidates,
Please note that all Reporting Centres will now start operating at 0800 hrs on some of the days of activities to ensure that the number of working hours per round are still guaranteed to be made available at the Reporting Centres for all candidates as per the original schedule (e.g. 2 days in round X as per earlier schedule was equal to 16 working hours, thus in the revised schedule also round X will have 16 working hours of Reporting Centres for all candidates).