Type of the institute: Indian Institute of Technology
Complete Mailing Address: IIT Goa, Goa Engineering College Campus, Farmagudi, Ponda- 403401, Goa, India
Contact Person For Admission: Dean, IIT Goa
Designation: Dean Academic
Email: dean@iitgoa.ac.in
Alternate Email: ar_academic@iitgoa.ac.in
Phone Nos: 08322490871
Fax No:
Mobile No.: 08322490861
About the Institute:

In May 2016, the union cabinet gave its ex-post-facto approval to amend The Institutes of Technology Act,1961, for incorporating 6 new IITs, including IIT Goa – An institution of national importance. IIT Goa is now three years old. By blending traditional foundations of higher learning with pioneering thinking, IIT Goa has already begun to redefine the role of higher education for the public good in the 21st century.

With the new school-based academic structure, our undergraduate students get the opportunity to conduct collaborative research across disciplines, take courses in their areas of interest and participate in various internship programmes, seminars, and workshops. We are also introducing ground-breaking academic policies such as flexible curriculum, no-fail grading policy during the first semester, a 6-month long internship programme (one of a kind among all IITs) which includes internships at different well-known world-leading industries, institutions, etc. We have also introduced a credit structure which can greatly reduce the academic load on students so that students can grab greater non-academic achievements along with their academic accomplishments.

From the beginning, IIT Goa has attracted some of the brightest young faculties from around the globe as well as experienced faculties from older IITs, which greatly helps us to organize the academic programme at IIT Goa and meet international standards of education and the expectations of our student community. In order to strengthen educational and research partnerships, IIT Goa is in the process of signing several MoU’s with International institutions and other National laboratories, etc.

With the help of suitably planned scholarship schemes and other named scholarships, IIT Goa is always helping the students as well as parents to reduce the financial burden on them and to achieve their academic and non-academic aims at greater ease.

The interim campus of IIT Goa is located at Goa Engineering College (GEC) at Farmagudi, which is about 33 km away from the proposed IIT Goa Campus site.  This temporary campus of IIT Goa at GEC is fully equipped with classrooms, laboratories, and modern hostel buildings with berthing capacity for 640 students along with facilities for all indoor games like lawn tennis, basketball, etc.

Finally, the academic activities of IIT Goa are well tuned to expose the student to a vibrant academic culture and bring out the best in every student. The contribution of this Institute would be to educate young people to solve the real problems faced by our countrymen using the technical knowledge they are imparted during their formative years.

Fee Structure:

(A)  One Time Fee


Admission Fee



Grade Card



Provisional Certificate



Medical Examination



Student Welfare Fund






Identity Card


Total (A)


(B)  Per Semester Fee


Tuition Fee



Examination Fee



Registration Fee



Gymkhana Fee



Hostel Seat Rent



Electricity and Water Charges



Medical Fee



Student Benevolent Fund



Hostel Establishment Charges



Contribution for Hostel Subsidy


Total (B)


(C)  Security Deposits


Institute Security Deposit



Library Security Deposit



Mess Security Deposit


Total (C)


(D)  Annual Fees


Annual Insurance Premium


Total (D)


Grand Total (A+B+C+D)



1.     All the SC/ST/PwD students are exempted from payment of Tuition Fee mentioned at B1.

2.     IIT Goa reserves right to revise fee structure in subsequent semesters.

3.     In addition to the above, every student has to pay per Semester Mess advance of Rs. 15,000.00 (every semester) and a refundable Mess Advance of Rs. 2,000. only at the time of Admission

"Note: The Fees at 'A' and 'C' are one time fees at the time of admissions. The fees at 'D' is to be paid in every Autumn Semester (Once in a year)."

Academic Structure:

The Institute offers four undergraduate (B. Tech.) programs in engineering and follows a semester system. An academic year (July-April) consists of two semesters namely Autumn and Spring, each of approximately 16 weeks’ duration. The first semester begins in the last week of July and ends by the last week of November. The second semester starts in the first week of January and ends by the last week of April. In each of the two semesters of the first year, a student is required to register for the relevant courses listed in the curriculum for that semester.

The Institute follows a credit system. Credits are allotted to various courses depending upon the number of lectures, tutorials and laboratory hours per week. The student’s performance in a course is continuously evaluated throughout the semester through a mid-semester examination, quizzes and culminates in the award of a Grade on a 10- point scale. Performance in a semester is evaluated in terms of the weighted average of grade points secured in all the courses registered in that semester, which is known as Semester Performance Index (SPI). A Cumulative Performance Index (CPI) is the weighted average of the grade points obtained in all the courses registered by the student since the time of joining the Institute.

To students admitted through JEE (Advanced) 2019, IIT Goa offers the B.Tech. undergraduate program. The B.Tech. programs consist of eight semesters spread over four years. During the first semester, all branches will have a common curriculum.

B. Tech disciplines at IIT Goa.



Total Seats

4 Years

B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering


4 Years

B. Tech in Electrical Engineering


4 Years

B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering


4 Years

B. Tech in Mathematics and Computing


Rules For Change Branch:

Students are eligible to apply for a change of branch/programme after completing the first two semesters.


1. The Eligibility Criteria for applying for a change of branch/programme are:

     (a)  completion of the prescribed course credits in the first two semesters

     (b)  no backlog at the end of the first year

     (c)  secured a CPI of:

                        - at least 8 for general and OBC category students;

                         and at least 7 for SC, ST and PD category students.

2. An eligible student's request for a shift from branch A to branch B will be considered currently valid if any one of the following two sets of criteria are satisfied.

 Set 1

(a)  the CPI of the student is at least 9

(b) the strength in branch B, to which a change is being sought, does not exceed its sanctioned strength by more than 10%.

Set 2

(i) the strength in branch B, to which a change is being sought, does not exceed its sanctioned strength by more than 10%.

(ii) the strength in branch A, from which a change is being sought, does not fall below its sanctioned strength by more than 25%.

(iii) there is no student with higher CPI who is currently being denied a change of branch to B due to rule (c).

Among all valid requests, the student with the highest CPI is chosen and a shift performed.

However, if a student with CPI x is moved from branch A to branch B then every student with

CPI x requesting branch B will be moved to branch B, even if they violate (ii) and (iii) above. 

If necessary, extra seats will be created to accommodate them. The above action is performed as long as there are valid requests.

Note: that even though a student has been switched to a lower priority seat earlier due to unavailability of a seat of higher priority, his request may become valid later because of the availability of seats.

3. a. The above rules are applicable with concession in eligibility criteria mentioned in rule 1 for SC / ST / PwD students.

b. Every student has a birth category attribute, which is one of GEN, OBC, SC, ST.

c. A vacant seat that is available for allocation is defined to be one of six different types.

The types are i) open, ii) reserved for OBC, iii) reserved for SC, iv) reserved for ST and v) reserved for PwD.

d. The additional seats in a branch, limited to a maximum of 25% of its sanctioned strength, that is made available to

students for allocation at the time of change of branch are defined at the start of the allocation process to be of type “open" in nature (do not belong to any category). are defined at the start of the allocation process to be of type "open" in nature (do not belong to any category).  There may also be a few vacant seats of the type "reserved for category X" at this point in time.

e. A vacant open seat in Branch B, when allocated to a student in branch A belonging to birth category X, creates a vacant seat in branch A of type "reserved for category X".

f. A vacant seat of type "reserved seat of category X" is available for re-allocation only to students of birth category X.

4. All branch transfers can be effected only once at the beginning of the second academic year. No application for change of branch during the subsequent academic years will be entertained.


Hostel and sports facilities: IIT Goa has commissioned a brand new Hostel block with a capacity to house 640 students and the rooms are spacious with common toilets and include a large dining hall with a onetime seating capacity of 200 students access to internet and recreational facilities like indoor lawn tennis and basketball the court, a Gymnasium for the students, the hostel at IIT Goa is on par with the best available in any other IIT. IIT Goa has also a tie-up with SAI (Sports Authority of India) for utilization of their swimming pool at Ponda. The hostel block is just 200 meters away from the academic building.


Medical facilities: The campus is served by local hospitals and visiting doctors. The students, faculty, and staff of IIT Goa has access to the general medical facilities available in the assigned local hospitals, Manipal Hospital, Goa provides super specialty services to the students of IIT Goa. 
Location and Accessibility:

How to reach IIT Goa:


Academic Programwise Seats breakup:
Institute CodeProgram CodeAcademic Program NameState/All India SeatsSeat PoolOPENOPEN-PwDGEN-EWSGEN-EWS-PwDSCSC-PwDSTST-PwDOBC-NCLOBC-NCL-PwDTotal(includes Female Supernumerary)
Seat Capacity Female Supernumerary
119 4110 Computer Science and Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) All India Gender-Neutral 12 1 2 1 5 0 2 0 9 0 32
32 8
Female-only (including Supernumerary) 3 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 8
(including "8" Supernumerary)
119 4111 Electrical Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) All India Gender-Neutral 13 0 4 0 5 0 2 1 9 0 34
34 9
Female-only (including Supernumerary) 3 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 2 0 9
(including "9" Supernumerary)
119 4124 Mathematics and Computing (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) All India Gender-Neutral 8 0 3 0 4 0 2 0 6 0 23
23 6
Female-only (including Supernumerary) 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 6
(including "6" Supernumerary)
119 4125 Mechanical Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) All India Gender-Neutral 16 0 3 0 4 1 2 0 9 1 36
36 9
Female-only (including Supernumerary) 3 0 1 0 2 0 1 0 2 0 9
(including "9" Supernumerary)
     Total Seats 61 3 0 0 22 1 11 1 40 2 157
125 32

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