Type of the institute: Indian Institute of Technology
Complete Mailing Address: Nangal Road, Rupnagar, Punjab 140001
Contact Person For Admission: Mr. Puneet Goel
Designation: Deputy Registrar (Academics)
Email: dracademics@iitrpr.ac.in
Alternate Email: aracademics@iitrpr.ac.in
Phone Nos: 7678507755
Fax No:
Mobile No.: 9463329358
About the Institute:

The Indian Institute of Technology Ropar started functioning from the academic year 2008­09 from the campus of IIT Delhi, the mentor institute. The foundation stone laying ceremony was held on 24 February 2009. The Indian Institute of Technology Ropar was registered under the Societies' Registration Act 1860 on 29 July 2009.   The Institute shifted to its permanent campus and  currently operates from its permanent campus. The permanent campus of IIT Ropar is spread across 501 acres of land located at Birla Seed Farms, Rupnagar in the lap of nature at the banks of river Satluj. It has been awarded the 5 Star GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) rating, one of the highest national ratings for Green Buildings.


While the master plan is supposed to accommodate 10,000 students, the academic block is already set up for 2,500 students in the first phase. A total of 2,15,739 square meters of area is dedicated for academic and administration blocks along with accommodation for staff and faculty along with sports and hostel facilities.


All hostels are well furnished along with common rooms for recreational activities for each hostel. The campus also has an expansive and airy common dining area. Naturally, there isn't any compromise with facilities regarding academics and laboratories for undertaking practicals or doing some research. New state-of-the-art equipment are available for the students to use in labs . Apart from these academic facilities, other perks of being at IIT ROPAR include excellent sports facilities (different play fields for each sport such as cricket, football, tennis, badminton, basketball, volleyball,etc), utility block, student activity center( equipment and rooms for the various club activities and other student interest group activities), gymkhana, air conditioned libraries with plethora of books, cafeterias, gymnasium, medical center with top notch 24x7 medical facilities.


The Indian Institute of Technology Ropar is ranked 29th in the engineering category in NIRF 2019 (National Institutional Ranking Framework). IIT Ropar is committed to providing state­of­the­art technical education in a variety of fields. The Institute is facilitating transmission of knowledge in keeping with the latest developments in pedagogy. At present, the Institute offers the degree of Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Chemical Engineering, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering and Mathematics & Computing. It offers the MSc degree in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The Institute also offers the MS degree in Computer Science & Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. It offers the degree of Master of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Artificial Intelligence  and Biomedical Engineering (the Centre for biomedical engineering is an interdisciplinary centre). All the departments of the Institute offer a doctoral degree. The Institute has held seven convocations so far. The 2015 entry batch of UG students will receive their degrees in the eighth convocation to be held this year. IIT Ropar has also awarded several PhD degrees. Presently the Institute has 730 UG students, 193 PG students and 422 PhD students.


The overall academic system of IIT Ropar is designed to provide science­based engineering education that will produce quality engineers and scientists. IIT Ropar has implemented a new curriculum from 2017. The curriculum provides broad based knowledge and simultaneously builds a temper for lifelong learning and exploration. A set of science and general engineering courses forms part of the syllabus of the first year undergraduate students. These courses provide a foundation for further discipline specific topics.


Career Development and Corporate Relations Centre, is actively involved in organizing practical training for the undergraduate students and has been playing a catalytic role in finding placements for its final year students. IIT Ropar has undertaken the task of redefining its vision and mission and of putting a strategic plan to achieve them into action. It is also working on overhauling its UG programs and has introduced new PG streams.


IIT Ropar aims to promote research in interdisciplinary areas.The Institute also undertakes a number of research and consultancy projects that are sponsored by various funding agencies, including the Government and Industry. The Institute has taken major research activities in the fields of national importance such  as non­conventional energy, sensors, drug delivery, materials synthesis and their modification, image processing, cloud  networks, robotics, pattern recognition, renewable energy systems, microelectronics and nano­devices, mathematical biology, fluid dynamics, pure mathematics, quantum optics and quantum matter physics, ion beam physics, renewable energy, nanophotonics and metamaterials, surface patterning, sustainable energy, biomechanics, nano fluids, complex fluids, nano composites, Neuro­cognition, financial mathematics and markets, phonetics, etc. The Institute provides ample funds to the departments and faculty members for the upgradation of laboratories and creation of research facilities. This has enabled our faculty members to take up research projects in frontier and emerging areas of science and technology.


Institute has a counseling cell to monitor the mental well being of the students. Its mission is to promote well­being, aiding to develop better understanding of the self, to grow both intellectually and emotionally, to be more satisfied and productive and improve the depth and quality of your life. To hike sound mental health, we provide help in dealing with emotional and behavioural problems like guilt, anxiety, stress, lack of confidence, low self esteem, depression and internet addiction of any sort, dependency, personal problems in relationship like codependency, rejection, separation homesickness etc. Counseling Cell does fostering and inculcating life skills to make better adjustments and enriching healthy relationships.


The campuses of IIT Ropar are well­equipped with all required facilities. Classrooms fitted with multimedia, faculty offices and administrative wing are all in place. There are separate hostels for boys and girls. These hostels are equipped with modern mess units.  Faculty recruitment, setting up of laboratories and other support facilities are also in full swing.


IIT Ropar community has undertaken an important exercise of developing the Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan for the coming years. The exercise was carried out in active consultation with Indian Institute of Management Calcutta who have got technical expertise in this area. A participative bottom up approach was followed in formulating the Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan. Inputs from the entire IIT Ropar fraternity, MHRD, Board of Governors, Alumni and Industries were considered in the process. Finally we have arrived at the following Motto, Mission and Vision statements for our institute.


Motto: (Deploy our intellect on the right path).


Mission: To foster a transformative learning environment and a culture of excellence enabling creation of knowledge and development of socially responsible, enterprising leaders contributing significantly to national progress and humanity.


Vision: To be a trendsetter among the technology universities born in this millennium.

Fee Structure:


Institute Fees


Tuition Fees

Rs.1,00,000/-(per semester)

Non-refundable fees

Rs.3000/- (one time payment at the time of admission)

Refundable fees


Other misc. fees

Rs. 6650/-

Total fees

Rs.1,13,650/-(to be paid at the time of admission)

Fees per semester


Hostel Fees/Mess Fees

Rs.20,000/- (tentative)


The fee payable at IIT Ropar is subject to change as per the Institute rules.

Note: * All SC and ST students will get 100% tuition fee exemption. The most economically backward students, whose family income is less than Rs. 1 lakh per annum, shall get full remission of the tuition fee. The other economically backward students, whose family income is between Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh per annum, shall get remission of 2/3rd of the tuition fee.

+ Mess charges will be notified separately.

Academic Structure:

At present, the institute offers a 4 year program leading to the Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) degree in Seven disciplines, viz., Computer Science and Engineering (66 intake), Electrical Engineering (65 intake), Mechanical Engineering (65 intake), Chemical Engineering (21 intake), Civil Engineering (intake 33),  Metallurgical & Materials Engg. (intake 22) and Mathematics & Computing  (intake 22) and a 5 year program leading to the dual degree (B. Tech. + M. Tech.) in Mechanical Engg. (intake 12).


The curriculum followed at IIT Ropar provides a comprehensive education, with a view to producing quality engineer­ scientists. It facilitates broad­based knowledge acquisition and, simultaneously, nurtures a temper of life long learning and exploration. Broad objectives of the new curriculum:

(a)        It has focus on producing 21st century engineers and entrepreneurs,

(b)        It offers more flexibility to students,

(c)        It has novel and unique features to attract the brightest of students,

(d)        It has better utilization of manpower and resources,

(e)        It encourages industry­academia interaction,

(f)         It makes students more practical in approach,

(g)        It imparts soft/managerial skills in addition to science and engineering fundamentals,

(h)        Develops social responsibilities in students, and

(i)         Prepares them for innovation.


Credit System


The Institute follows a credit system. Each course has a certain number of credits assigned to it depending on its lecture, tutorial and laboratory contact hours in a week. This is coordinated by a member of the faculty called the course coordinator. He/she has the full responsibility for coordinating the course, coordinating the work of other members of the faculty in course, holding tests and awarding grades. In case of any difficulty, students are expected to approach the course coordinator and / or faculty advisor of his/her batch, for advice and clarification. Further, on joining every study with a mentor (senior student carefully selected by the Institute) who will guide the student in academic, hostel and other related activities.

The student’s performance in a course is continuously evaluated throughout the semester and culminates in the award of Grade on a 10 point scale. Performance in a semester is evaluating the weighted average of grade points secured in all the courses registered in that semester, which is known as Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA). A Cumulative Grade Point Average (weighted average of the grade points obtained in all the courses registered by the student since they entered the Institute. The teaching programs are characterized by their flexibility and informality. The strong faculty–student interaction on the residential campus provides opportunity to students to work publication and projects sponsored by the industry and national agencies.


Apart from doing Basic B.Tech. IIT Ropar offers B.Tech with minor, concentration and additional internship programme.

i)               B.Tech. with minor : B.Tech. with Minor is minor in any other discipline than the major discipline. Students can take 15 credits of the Minor Programme.

ii)              B.Tech. with concentration : BTech. with concentration is concentration in the same discipline. Students can take 15 credits of Concentration Programme courses within their discipline. For example, Mechanical Engineering students may choose to specialize in Design, Manufacturing or Thermal and fluids etc.

iii)             B.Tech. with additional internship :   Students can take 15 credits of the additional internship, The student can take the additional internship in their 7th/8th semester. A student doing Basic BTech can finish all requirements by 7th semester. The internship is allowed for doing projects in Research Institute/Industry.

Rules For Change Branch:

Rules For Change Branch:


Institute has a liberal policy for change of branch at the end of first year. Following are some general criterions that are followed for the same.


A)         A student is eligible to apply for change of branch at the end of the first year only, provided he/she satisfies the following criteria:

1.         CGPA for GEN/OBC category students >7.50

2.         CGPA for SC/ST/PD category students >6.50

3.         Earned credits at the end of first academic session are 36 credits or more.


B)         Change of the branch will be permitted strictly in the order of merit, in each category, as determined by CGPA at the end of the first year, subject to the limitation that the actual number of students in the third semester in the branch to which transfer is to be made should not exceed its sanctioned strength by more than 10% and the strength of the branch from which the transfer is being sought does not fall below 85% of its sanctioned strength.

C)         The conditions mentioned in items 1­3 above will not be insisted upon for change to a branch in which a vacancy exists with reference to the sanctioned strength, and the concerned student was eligible as per JEE Rank for admission to that branch at the time of entry to IIT Ropar. However, these conditions will continue to apply in case of students seeking change to a branch to which the concerned student was not eligible for admission at the time of entry to IIT Ropar.



Faculty members of the Institute are selected through a rigorous selection process. The approximate mean age of a faculty member at IIT Ropar is 35 years. The faculty members who have been selected from the best institutes from India and abroad embody the spirit of enthusiasm that comes with youth. Faculty members lay as much emphasis on the development of their technical know­ how as on ethical and moral development; so when the student graduates she/he makes not just a good engineer but also a good human being. IIT Ropar takes the best raw material (JEE qualified students) and the faculty carves them out into engineers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


The institute is actively involved in collaboration programs with international organizations and universities. The institute has the following facilities other than the basic academic facilities. Virtual Classrooms (NKN) Two virtual classrooms have been set up at IIT Ropar. NKN interconnect the institutions engaged in research, higher education and scientific development in the country.



The Central Library functions as the primary information resource centre and repository of printed and electronic resources for teaching and research activities at the institute. Apart from textbooks and recommended reading materials prescribed for each course offered at the institute, the library houses a growing collection of research monographs, reports, multi­volume reference works, dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, and so on. The library facilitates access to electronic journals through its participation in consortia, such as E­Shodh Sindhu. The library also subscribes to several e­journals directly from publishers as well as through reputed subscription agencies. At present, users can consult more than 17000 books (available on shelves) and thousands of electronic books, journals. Online access is also provided to economic and political databases, scientometric databases such as Scopus, MathSciNet, and Web of Science.


The library operations are automated using LIBSYS 7 (EJB Version) software. The Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) which is on public domain enables users to search documents in possession of the library. The library is using the Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID), a state­of­the­art auto identification technique which helps in self­servicing and enhanced security. A separate e­resources section is provided in the library to browse CDs and DVDs of books, theses, and dissertations. The library has developed institutional digital repository (IDR) using open source software (DSpace) to archive and provide online access to the intellectual output of the institute. IDR is available publicly. These steps will greatly enhance the library’s efficiency in making the resources available to the academic community at large and also enable the institute to participate in various inter­library initiatives at national and international levels.


Our Library is providing extensive research support services such as citation analysis, usage of reference management tools, copyright and plagiarism support etc. We are using a Turnitin, a leading academic plagiarism tool to improve the quality of research publications. Library is constantly striving to identify and adopt the emerging academic and research support tools and helping the institute in achieving its vision and mission.



Hostel Accommodation


The Institute campus has three 3 boys hostel and 1 girl hostel with all total capacity of 2000 available at main campus.  All hostels are well furnished along with common rooms for recreational activities for each hostel. The campus also has an expansive and airy common dining area. All hostels are provided with excellent drinking water facilities. Each hostel has common facilities indoor, recreation and games. The hostel complex also includes a few shops that cater to the basic needs of the residents. IIT Ropar also provides gymnasium facility within its campus for its students. Lush green IIT campus add enormous fuel in the daily life of the students. We have lively and enchanting campus life wherein the students are provided with all the amenities for the recreational activities. Here at IIT Ropar students rejuvenate their hidden talent and relive their hobbies. State of the art classroom with Audio visual aids and state of the art laboratories with latest research facilities enhance the teaching­learning process while Hightech library with tremendous books, journals, periodicals etc helps them to connect with the entire word of information and knowledge. We have also introduced drastic changes to the Mess Menu with detailed options given to students w.r.t the food items they would like to have in the Mess by fixing the base menu and providing extra items in the menu which they student can opt for at an extra cost. At IIT Ropar, Students relish research and extracurricular activities to grow as an aspiring engineer with moral and ethical integrity.


Health Care


The Institute Medical Centre is located in a separate building adjoining the hostel complex in Transit campus and in Main Campus. Several doctors, pharmacist, and staff nurse have been appointed to attend to campus residents in case of medical emergency. We have a state of the art ambulance for medical emergencies. In addition, the Institute relies on the friendly support of a few super­specialty hospitals in the city of Ropar, Mohali and Chandigarh for providing state­of­the­art medical care to its members.


Student Activities


 The Institute has a Society for Publication and Communication Skills Development. In addition, there are Music, Dance, Dramatics, Arturo, Fine Arts, Literary, Music clubs and also Science & Technology, Robotic Societies, Monochrome, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Astronomy, Quiz, Coding clubs where the students can participate and develop a well– rounded personality.

General Facilities The Institute has a branch of SBI as well as a Post office to cater to the needs of the faculty members, staff and students.

Student Life at Institute:

At present, the transit and main campuses have excellent facilities for several sports, including a cricket field, three lawn tennis courts, a football field, a hockey field, a gymnasium, a basketball court, badminton courts, an athletics track, table tennis room and also facilities for several athletic events. The institute encourages its students to participate in inter­IIT sport events and other competitions. Space for recreational and creative activities is also available.

Financial Assistance:

Scholarship for B.Tech Students:


The Institute offers the following scholarships to Undergraduate students:

1.         Institute Merit­cum­Means (MCM) Scholarships.

2.         Institute Merit Prizes and Certificates.

3.         Institute Free Studentship.

4.         Scholarship provision for Students of SC/ST Category.

5.         Post­matric Scholarship.

6.         Top Class Scholarship for student of SC/ST Category.

7.         Other Scholarships – by NGO’s and some external agencies.

Training & Placement:

The Training and Placement Cell of CDCRC at IIT Ropar facilitates the participation of graduating students in the campus placement process in the fourth year. In addition, T&P Cell provide assistance to all B.Tech students in finding mandatory summer internship opportunities at the end of third year as well as one semester long internships (to be undertaken in seventh or eighth semester) for students opting for B.Tech with Additional Internship program at end of fourth semester in companies and research organizations anywhere in world.

Every year IIT Ropar students receive overwhelming response from industry for campus recruitment. For the year 2018­19 with average salary of 14.50 lakh/annum, the placement process resulted in 84% of our students getting placed. More than 95% of Computer Science students, and 81.82% of Electrical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering with 64% students were offered positions in core­technical, consultancy and IT companies. An average package of 14.50 lakh per annum was offered to students in year 2018­19. Some of the premier companies where our 2019 passing out batch students got placed are:

Goldman Sachs, Nutanix, UBER, Codenation, TEXAS Instrument, Amazon, Arista Networks, Direct I, Expedia, ISRO, Samsung, Saavn, Mahindra & Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki, Mathworks, Oracle, RoundGlass, TESCO, Zomato, WIPRO, True Chip, Timetooth Technologies and many more. This year, the number of pre­placement offers (PPOs) has also increased from 10 last year (2017­ 18) to 17 this year (2018­19). The first time­recruiters included Nutanix, Texas Instrument, Glenmark, Zolostays, Sapient, Elure System, Resonance, HSBC, Huawei, and Byjus.

A good number of internship opportunities were also offered to the students this year by national as well as international organizations. A total of 31 students from prefinal year got internship opportunities in foreign universities and companies. Some of the premier companies/institutes that have offered summer internships to our students (2020 graduating batch) are:

Amazon Development Center India Pvt.Ltd., Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Codenation, National Chiao Tung University Taiwan, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Université catholique de Louvain Belgium, Nanyang Technological University Singapore, SFU Canada, National Chiao Tung University Taiwan, Univerciti of Teknologi Malaysia, Chulalongkorn Univeristy, National Tsing Hua University, University of Tokyo, (Daijob.com) Japan,  Linkbal, Japan, Diverta Japan, Yokogawa Electric Corporation Japan  Indus Valley Partners, Expedia, MAQ Software, BHEL R&D Hyderabad, JCB, IISc Bangalore, Indian Oil Corporation, GE, ONGC, United Health Group, Trident, Zomato, Gemini Solution, Semi Conductors Limited Mohali, etc.


Industry And Alumni Relations:

Industry relations


The Industrial Consultancy, Sponsored Research and Industry Interaction (ICSR­II) office works in the direction to strengthen the relations with industry and reputed international research institutes in order to develop strong research and academic collaborations. The institute is well­connected to Industry and is a member of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). Industry­ Institute Conclaves are conducted in the Institute to develop Industrial Associates of the institute. The Conclaves are focused on bringing together industry leaders and academia together on the same platform to discuss and brainstorm topics related to industrial expectations from institutions, curriculum structure and discuss issues and opportunities related to industrial projects & consultancy. Experts from the industries are invited regularly to deliver lectures under Industrial Lecture Series. Centre for Innovation and Business Incubation (CIBI) of the institute is already hosting six start­ups, which is a part of Technology Business Incubator (TBI).


Alumni relations


Our Institute has been actively working to sustain the bonding and to ensure greater participation of its Alumni in its academic and extra activities through various initiatives in association with the IIT Ropar Alumni Association (founded in Feb. 2013). Some of the initiatives are as follows:

1.         Alumni Student Mentorship Program (ASMP) ­ It’s a platform for tapping in the multitude of experience and knowledge of the Alumni for the benefit of the students and Alumni alike. As distinguished IIT Ropar graduates, Alumni hold a wealth of information and knowledge that current students can benefit from. Their expertise and advice are more valuable to students wanting to sail a similar kind of boat ranging from MBA (India, Abroad), MS, various kinds of jobs, civil services, entrepreneurship, etc.

2.         Hangout with Alumni – Conducting regular Alumni­Student interaction session to bridge the gap. In this, we have Alumni speak about various topics based on students’ responses and needs.

3.         Graduate School Application Review ­ It is for those IIT Ropar students and alumni who are applying for graduate programs in universities abroad. Choosing the right university, the right courses, fund arrangements, etc. all need careful deliberation. The where, when, why and what, all seem to be very important. IIT Ropar graduates experiences and guidance is facilitated to interested ones.

4.         Alumni Book Donation Program ­ It is not easy to deny that an institute's success is also based on the strong foundation of its vibrant library. Alumni members can easily donate their books using this program.

The Alumni have shown a lot of enthusiasm in participating in these initiatives and to keep working towards building a brand for our young institute ­ IIT Ropar.

Recreational/Extra Curricular activities:

In order to take care of various students activities we have a Student Affairs Section with the following functional units:

1.         Board of Hostel Affairs (BOHA)

2.         Board of Cultural Activities (BOCA)

3.         Board of Science & Technology (BOST)

4.         Board of Sports Activities (BOSA)

5.         Board of Literary Activities (BOLA)


Under the ages of BOCA Movie Club IIT Ropar host movies every week for the entertainment of the campus community. BOCA also celebrated Annual poetic festival Rashmi at IIT Ropar with the aim to let the budding poets and connoisseurs of poetry come on stage and showcase their talent. BOCA also conducted the following SPIC MACAY events under its ages.



Science and Technology Clubs are set up to kindle and nurture the love for technology, each club with its own specialization and guest lectures by prominent personalities in the world of technology and science.

A student spends his/her time constructively by engaging in the activities of these clubs. The students can thus represent IIT Ropar at various national and international competitions and events, bringing laurels to the institute and allows students to showcase their creativity without bounds, through any of these clubs. Over the semester, fortnightly meetings of the clubs will be held, apart from the time invested by members in their club projects. The institute has also started Innovation Club under the ages of BOST wherein the students are encouraged to participate and evolve innovative ideas for implementation.



Quintessence (Intra Institute Technical Fest, IIT Ropar) : We organised this event with the objective to motivate nearby school students towards a scientific culture. It was a great opportunity for them to come & experience cutting edge technologies, some of which are only present in few places of our country.

ADVITIYA 2018 : IIT Ropar, the institute that took the technical world by storm ever since its establishment in 2008 has climbed its way up the ladder and has been marching steadily towards making a global presence with its cutting edge research facilities and one of a kind UG program.

Advitiya witnessed a wide range of scientific and technical activities and novel events from upcoming fields like Coding, Robotics, Finance, Design and Entrepreneurship with prizes worth as high as 4 lakh Rupees.


The fest was not only a platform for intoxicating mix of talent from colleges, but from schools and companies also by organizing a Technical Exhibition and Open Day where in, all the state­of­art labs and cutting edge research infrastructure was open to display for all the students and companies visited us.




IIT Ropar organised BAJA SAE INDIA­2019 2nd Chapter at IIT Ropar in March 2019. It was highly successful and had participation from all over the country.


Board of Sports Activities (BOSA)


We have a Board of Sports Activities (BOSA) which supports on annual basis, inter hostel sports activities. In this activity the students are encouraged to participate in local/inter college sports activities to boost their performance in inter IIT Sports meet. Professional guides/coaches are taking care of training the students for training the students for these inter IIT Sports meet. Board of Sports Activities (BOSA) is supporting inter year, inter hostel sports activities. Further, the students were encouraged to participate in local/inter college sports activities to boost their performance in inter IIT Sports meet. Professional guides/coaches are taking care of training the students in individual sports. The sports facilities including gymnasium are being upgraded to enhance the quality of facilities at the institute. BOSA encourages the students to participate in various sports activities. From the year 2016 IIT Ropar has started celebrating Sports Day “AAROHAN” on annual basis. 

Location and Accessibility:

The Institute is located at Ropar, the headquarters of Rupnagar district, Punjab. This institute, with its establishment, joins a string of premier educational institutions in Punjab. The town of Ropar, the district headquarters, is 42 kms from Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab. Rupnagar is well connected by both road (National highway NH­21) and railways (the Delhi­Ambala­Una railway line passes through Rupnagar).


By Air:

The nearest international Airport is in Chandigarh, about 50kms from Rupnagar. Any visitor wishing to come to Rupnagar/Ropar could take a flight from his/her respective place to Chandigarh, if available, or a flight from Delhi to Chandigarh and then take a taxi from the airport to reach the campus of Indian Institute of Technology Ropar (IIT Ropar) which is approximately one and a half hour journey.


By Train:


There are regular trains running between Delhi and Rupnagar. The Delhi­Ambala­Una railway line passes through Rupnagar. The duration of the journey is around six hours from Delhi.

Academic Programwise Seats breakup:
Institute CodeProgram CodeAcademic Program NameState/All India SeatsSeat PoolOPENOPEN-PwDGEN-EWSGEN-EWS-PwDSCSC-PwDSTST-PwDOBC-NCLOBC-NCL-PwDTotal(includes Female Supernumerary)
Seat Capacity Female Supernumerary
115 4107 Chemical Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) All India Gender-Neutral 8 0 1 0 2 1 2 0 4 0 18
22 0
Female-only (including Supernumerary) 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 4
(including "0" Supernumerary)
115 4109 Civil Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) All India Gender-Neutral 13 1 1 0 4 0 1 1 8 0 29
33 3
Female-only (including Supernumerary) 3 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 2 0 7
(including "3" Supernumerary)
115 4110 Computer Science and Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) All India Gender-Neutral 27 1 2 0 9 0 4 1 17 1 62
67 8
Female-only (including Supernumerary) 5 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 3 0 13
(including "8" Supernumerary)
115 4111 Electrical Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) All India Gender-Neutral 28 1 2 0 8 1 5 0 16 1 62
65 12
Female-only (including Supernumerary) 6 1 1 0 2 0 1 0 4 0 15
(including "12" Supernumerary)
115 4124 Mathematics and Computing (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) All India Gender-Neutral 7 1 1 0 3 0 1 0 5 0 18
21 0
Female-only (including Supernumerary) 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 3
(including "0" Supernumerary)
115 4125 Mechanical Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) All India Gender-Neutral 29 1 1 1 9 0 5 0 17 1 64
64 12
Female-only (including Supernumerary) 5 1 0 0 2 0 1 0 3 0 12
(including "12" Supernumerary)
115 4127 Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) All India Gender-Neutral 7 1 1 0 3 0 2 0 5 0 19
22 1
Female-only (including Supernumerary) 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 4
(including "1" Supernumerary)
115 5233 Mechanical Engineering (5 Years, Bachelor and Master of Technology (Dual Degree)) All India Gender-Neutral 6 0 1 0 2 0 1 0 2 1 13
13 3
Female-only (including Supernumerary) 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 3
(including "3" Supernumerary)
     Total Seats 151 9 0 0 49 3 25 2 90 4 346
307 39